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Using conventional marketing will give you limited capacity to spread awareness about your business to consumers. Now it is possible with a messaging app. With billions of users and strong database worldwide, you have no excuse not to try this new engaging medium. Whatsapp is getting stronger in its present to everyone¡¯s daily life and can do more than imagined. Explore now to get the best of your business.  
10.5 Million
Total active Whatsapp user in Malaysia
Average open rate of messages
Average amount of time spent on whatsapp per day
95% Above Delivery Rate
Number of messaging sent daily worldwide
World #1
Ranking of messaging app, based on number of monthly active users
New Era of Marketing
Explore the possibilities using app to connect with your audience
Higher Reading Rate
Whatsapp users will check the incoming messages through notifications received. They will definitely check out the latest text in the chat.
Ad Sharing
It gets more interesting when your ads are being shared by the targeted user to their family and friends. Now your ads can already be the talk of the town!
About Us
Best Pricing   Outstanding Support   Trusted and Safe
Best flat-rate pricing in town with no contract or commitment.   Support when you need it from our outstanding team of WHATSAPP marketing experts.   We are certified in order to meet our strict and we promise that your data is safe with us.
How We Work
If WHATSAPP issue we can't send message on the date,we will just cancel order and user need to re-submit it!
WhatsApp Basic

¡ñ 1 way messaging
¡ñ Minimum 1500 contacts per campaign
¡ñ Individual Blasting System
¡ñ After WhatsApp filtered, Less than 2000 WhatsApp users no refund credits
¡ñ Per campaign reach 10k active whatsapp users, first priority to send

Text only = 1 credit (1000 characters)

Individual system sample
Our Pricing




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Per Credit Price: RM0.0994   Per Credit Price:   Per Credit Price:   Per Credit Price: RM0.088
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Website messaging slot are full now, please contact 0145554848 Mr. Tan (WhatsApp only) and solve the problem
Price will be cheaper than website
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